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The Kittec X-line range of top loading kilns is intelligently designed, practical, safe and beautiful. Constructed of high quality stainless steel the case will remain absolutely rust free. These kilns will still look as beautiful in 20 years! Modern precision high-grade steel processing cares for the environment.

Instead of ceramic fibre, all Kittec kilns use Microtherm as secondary insulation. This hi-tech material is many times more efficient than ceramic fibre, so enabling stoneware temperatures to be reached with ease whilst keeping the case relatively cool. This also means that less electricity is needed, so caring for our environment. In addition to these benefits, Microtherm is safe for your health.

The high quality Kanthal elements perform consistently to give even and reproducible results.

X-line kilns can be supplied with any Bentrup digital controller, allowing for complete versatility. The Bentrup TC66 is included as standard. 

The design of the Kittec X-line is not only beautiful! They all feature an ergonomic working height of 93cm and a protective loop guard across the front rim. The "smart" opening mechanism of the lid incorporates the X handle so that the lid can be easily opened and closed with only one hand. Its self aligning bearings ensure that the kiln is always tightly shut.

The kiln can be simply manoeuvred on the rear rollers. 

All Kittec kilns are individually signed off by a quality control inspector prior to leaving the factory. They are wrapped before transportation in both safe and environmentally sound, reusable felt blankets.

The kiln is checked again by The Clay Cellar on installation, and instruction given on the use of your chosen controller. 



 * 25% more secondary insulation, hearth with additional 20mm for even lower power consumption and wear.

* Larger rear castors for comfortable moving.

* Additional extremely strong refractory bricks on top of the highly stressed edge of the kiln body = best possible protection from damage.

* 20mm higher firing chamber offering 5-10 litres more usable chamber space.

Please publish modules in offcanvas position.