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9800 - Botz SPS (Melting Point Reducer) 9800_33

Botz SPS
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BOTZ MELTING POINT REDUCER 9800 is added to Botz stoneware glazes to reduce the melting point to 1120°C.  Add 10g 9800 to 100g stoneware glaze, stir well, apply 2-3 coats and fire at 1150°C with a 30 minute soak.  Good surface quality is produced, though depending on the thickness, some colour variations may occur.  As a rule of thumb, add 3 teaspoons of 9800 to 200mls glaze (or for 9870, 9873, 9898 and 9899 only 1.5 teaspoons is required). 

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This is brilliant! I am using earthenware clay that vitrifies at 1150-1160, so I can now bisque lower (1060) and glaze fire (using stoneware glaze and this stuff) to 1150-1160. Much easier glaze application than bisqueing to 1160 and glaze firing with earthenware glazes at 1060. Am planning lots of experiments!
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