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Firing range: 900°–1080°C

  • Easy-to-use liquid engobes
  • Can be applied to any clay at any stage, leather hard or bisque
  • Affordable 200ml and 800ml jars for easy handling
  • Clear painting and bright colours

Stir the engobes thoroughly before applying. Brush on a coat to leather-hard or biscuit-fired clay. To obtain an earthy matt surface, the engobe can be left unglazed after biscuit firing. Or glaze with Transparent and fire at 1050°C.

Brush on engobes are ideal for traditional engobe decoration with a slip trailer. The patterns created with it form a high relief on the clay.

Try combining engobes with different products. Engobes, Glimmer, Unidekor and other decorative colours can complement each other extremely well.


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