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Botz Stoneware glazes 1220-1280

Highly colourful stoneware glazes with beautiful surface quality. Apply 2-3 coats undiluted, the glaze will not run.  The ideal firing temperature is 1250℃ with a 30 minute soak.  Do not glaze the base of pots, do not use stilts. Due to their surface quality and high resistance to chemical or mechanical attack, Botz stoneware glazes are very suitable for tableware and vases. 

Botz stoneware glazes can be mixed to produce an even wider palette.  Vary the shade by adding, for example 9876 White or 9871 Yellow. 

9892 Salamander produces very attractive results in combination with other stoneware colours.  Apply 2 coats of Salamander, then 2 coats of another coloured stoneware glaze, and Salamander’s pattern will break through the coloured glaze.

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