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Slab Techniques - Jim Robison Slab_Techniques_-_Jim_Robison

Slab Techniques - Jim Robison
£ 15.99
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Product Description

Although this is essentially a very simple subject, it can be used to make the most basic of forms to the most complex. This broad approach to slab work shows a wide variety of building methods and shows the work of many high-profile makers in this area. The aim is to explore and explain most of these methods through step-by-step images and text, using a varied range of both pots and sculpture.

There are often several techniques that could be used to achieve the same result and this book shows that no one method is correct, but there will be one which is appropriate for the potter, the clay and the firing process. The reader is encouraged to experiment and develop their ideas.

The book covers all the essential basics, such as making your slabs and joining well, simple building methods, use of supports, creating textures, decorating with slips and ways to avoid disasters during firing. It also looks at building large-scale pieces and the problems associated with it.

Written by two teachers, the book aims to encourage the reader to experiment and find the methods most suited to them, while great images of finished work is offered to show what is possible.

About the Author

Jim Robison is the author of Large-scale Ceramics, he is very well known as a slab builder, and has made many public works using textured tiles and slab constructions. He is also very involved in the Aberystwyth Ceramics Conference and always hosts many of the demonstrations.

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