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- Tim Andrews -

£ 35.00
(No VAT charged)


This new edition of Raku has almost all new text and is beautifully illustrated in full colour throughout with an almost totally new selection of images from the work of the most highly regarded raku potters featured.

Following a similar structure to the first book which came out over ten years ago, the new edition begins with an expanded historical section which traces the origins of raku in ancient Japan through to its introduction to the west via Bernard Leach in the UK and later Paul Soldner in the US. A chapter giving practical information on materials and techniques has also been rewritten and enlarged to include all the latest technical innovations and developments. However, the main section of the book is devoted to the work of nearly seventy raku makers from some fifteen different countries. Their lives and work reflects the diversity of approaches, styles and philosophies to be found under the broad heading of raku ceramics. It has been fascinating to discover many new artists as well as catching up with the most recent work of well known makers. If there is a common theme between them it is that of dedication to produce art which has both integrity and quality. Some makers have a message to impart, others just want to please themselves. Some are concept driven, others are more concerned with the object.

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